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Form 1042-S

You may need Form 1042-S for your tax returns.

Both the University of California (Riverside address) and UCSD (La Jolla address) issue Forms 1042-S. You may have one or more from each, or from just one, or none at all.

Form 1042-S reports:

  • Wage/salary payments exempt from federal tax withholding due to a tax treaty, regardless of tax residency status. If federal tax was withheld from wage/salary payments, they'll be reported on Form W-2. These are issued by UCPath.
  • Grad student fellowship (stipend) and SURF fellowship payments to nonresident aliens. These are issued by UCSD.
    • Fellowship payments to nonresident aliens from which federal tax was withheld will be reported on one 1042-S.
    • Fellowship payments no nonresident aliens exempt from federal tax due to a tax treaty will be reported on a separate 1042-S.
  • Other non-wage payments to nonresident aliens: royalties, honoraria, independent contractor payments, and performance fees. These are issued by UCSD.
  • Postdoc fellowship payments to nonresident aliens. These are issued by UCPath.
  • Postdoc health benefits paid to nonresident aliens who did not have a concurrent 50% or more employee appointment. These are issued by UCPath.


How to get your Form 1042-S from UCPath:

  • Follow the instructions in the 2/10/23 email from Glacier ( Glacier ( with the subject "Year-End Reporting Form 1042-S is now available."  OR
  • Call the UCPath Center at 1-855-982-7284 to speak with an associate M-F between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Call volumes are generally lower early in the morning.  OR

  •  Submit a case to UCPath requesting the form. Log in to UCPath. Click the yellow button in the upper right and submit an inquiry by selecting "payroll" as the "Topic" and "Tax Withholding Inquiry" as the "Category."   

  • Former employees only:

How to get your 1042-S from UCSD:


Email the UCSD Glacier & TaxationTeam for more information.