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How to Complete Your Glacier Record

Learn how to complete your Glacier record.

The Glacier Online Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System ("Glacier") allows UC San Diego to collect tax-related information from foreign visitors in order to properly tax and report payments and/or benefits.

Note: Completing a Glacier record is not the same as filing a tax return.

1. Determine whether you need to complete a Glacier record

If you are a foreign individual and you are receiving any payments or benefits from UC San Diego you must complete a Glacier record.  Examples of payments and benefits include: wages, fellowships, benefits, benefit reimbursements, stipends, honorariums, performance fees, royalties.

The following individuals are exceptions and do not need a Glacier record:

2. Check your email

You will receive two emails:

  • "Glacier and Taxes at UCSD" from a email address: an introduction to Glacier and instructions for completing certain Glacier screens
  • "Payments from the University of California, San Diego" from Glacier ( containing a link to the Glacier log-in site and a temporary UserID and password

Note: If you are receiving payment or benefits from UC San Diego and have not yet received the emails listed above, check your spam or junk mail folder. If you don't find them there, email the UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team.

3. Log in and complete the forms

Log in to the site and follow the instructions in the emails mentioned in the previous step. Each screen has a help button providing information from Arctic International LLC, the owners of the program. 


4. Print and sign forms

  • When you reach the "view and print forms" page in your Glacier record, print all forms. Glacier will generate a Tax Summary Report and all of the forms listed in the bottom left section of the Tax Summary Report.
  • Sign the forms where indicated.

5. Gather the "required document copies"

The bottom right section of the Tax Summary Report lists the "required document copies."

6. Submit your signed Glacier forms and document copies

Submit all signed Glacier-generated forms and required document copies per the answer to B8 on our page Tax FAQ for International Visitors.

7. What happens next?

The UCSD Glacier Administrators will review your Glacier materials and then email you. 

  • If everything is correct, they will mark your Glacier record complete and, if applicable, enter tax treaty information.  Overnight, UCPath will update to match the data in the Glacier record. 
  • If your Glacier forms are incorrect or missing signatures, or if any of the required document copies are missing, you will be asked to resubmit all Glacier materials. 

8. Questions?

  • If you have questions about how to complete a Glacier screen, click the help button on that screen.
  • If you have other questions about Glacier, email email the UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team.


Email the UCSD Glacier & TaxationTeam for more information.