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Campus Events and Activities Portal

In order to reduce the opportunity for community spread of COVID-19 at UC San Diego, we encourage all event sponsors to evaluate both the risks and the benefits to the community when considering an event or activity.

COVID-19 Event Planning and Attendance

Effective immediately, indoor events are temporarily not allowed through October 31, 2021, unless by Vice Chancellor exception using the formal event approval process. Indoor events that can be convened virtually should be held online. Classes are not considered events and will be conducted primarily in person, with all individuals expected to comply with the updated masking policy.  

Events and Activities Framework

This framework is not intended to replace other university policies related to events and activities but is intended to complement those policies by providing guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the Return to Learn Event Planning webpage for the most current event guidelines.   

Campus departments and student groups may organize events and activities with approval through the Events and Activities Intake Form or through TAP for registered student organizations.  UC San Diego reserves the right to cancel any scheduled activity if it is deemed unsafe.

Events and Activities Intake Form

The Events and Activities Intake Form is required for all events regardless of size and fulfills the MEP (Major Event Protocol) reporting requirement for events over 100 people or events where alcohol will be served, replacing the previous form. 

Major Events Protocol

Before hosting a Major Event at UC San Diego, the sponsoring campus department or student organization must review the university's major events policy and then enter information using the Events and Activities Intake Form or TAP for CSI registered student organizations.  Facility Managers must complete the Major Events form for outside organizations reserving university space. Receiving this information will enable the university to consider appropriate safety, event visibility, and coordination related to Major Events occurring on campus.

According to University Policy 510-1 Section V.A. Policy on Major Events on campus: A Major Event includes an Event at which one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. The Event Sponsor anticipates over 100 persons are likely to attend;
  2. Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.
You are strongly encouraged to read through the Major Events Policy prior to submitting your major event online. Submitting this form does not replace any approvals or coordination your event may need from various university offices including University Police, Environment, Health and Safety, Risk Management, and Parking Services. Once submitted, your form will be reviewed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor or his/her delegate. Should questions or concerns arise regarding your event you will be contacted.

Enter an Event

For CSI registered student organizations and student initiated Student Life events use


For campus departments and non-affiliate events use
This form is intended for UC San Diego and SIO on-campus events only.


CSI Registered Student Organizations

CSI registered student organizations must request an exception from the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for the following on-campus activities through October 31, 2021:

  • Non-essential indoor events regardless of size
  • Indoor meetings regardless of size
  • Large outdoor events with an expected attendance of 250+ participants

To request an exception, CSI student organizations must fill out the Events and Activities Intake Form no less than 3 weeks prior to the event date. Exceptions will be reviewed by your CSI advisor and then routed to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for review. 

CSI student organizations will continue to fill out the Triton Activity Planner (TAP) for all on-campus events, regardless of size, except for simple meetings (no food, funding and/or speakers), information-only tabling (no food, no goods, money exchanged, activities and/or displays), and dance practices. The TAP must be started at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.

A space reservation must be made before the TAP and Events and Activities Intake Form can be completed.

Signage for Campus Events

Events Planners have two options for securing event signage. 


1. Borrow reusable signage if available, by contacting:

    1. Your venue manager: they may already have the required signage
    2. Campus Curbside Pickup
    3. RIMAC (for Recreation spaces)
    4. University Centers (for Price Center, Student Center, Town Square, Matthews Quad, Library Walk)

2. Print or purchase signage using the campus templates: 

  1. Download and Print Yourself 
    1. Be Event Ready (8.5x11 PDF) (11x17 PDF)     
    2. Mask Recommended (8.5x11 PDF) (11x17 PDF)
    3. Mask Required (8.5x11 PDF) (11x17 PDF)
    4. Rebot Reminds (8.5x11 PDF) (11x17 PDF)
    5. Tritons Keep Tritons Safe (8.5x11 PDF) (11x17 PDF)
    b. Order and purchase printed signage from the UC San Diego Sign Shop

Return to Learn FAQ

Please visit the Return to Learn FAQ to learn more about the program.