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Use of Alcoholic Beverages for a UC San Diego-Sponsored Event or Meeting

Follow these guidelines if alcoholic beverages are necessary for a UC San Diego event or meeting.

Use of alcoholic beverages must meet specific requirements, particularly when the use occurs on campus.

If the use of alcoholic beverages is absolutely necessary and integral to an event:

  1. Determine whether the event qualifies as standard entertainment or special entertainment and note fund-source restrictions.
  2. Follow the appropriate guidance provided for on-campus and off-campus events below.



For any type of event (on-campus or off-campus) where alcohol is included with a meal purchased, the food along with alcohol beverage expense must comply with the Cost Per Person Meal Maximums. Here are some event examples where this policy would apply: Catered On-Campus Events, Non-Catered Events, Hosted Events at a Residence, and Business & Entertainment Meals at a Restaurant. 

On-campus event instructions

  • Four weeks before the event, complete the Campus Events with Alcoholic Beverages Form through the online process, which will secure approvals and submit to the UC San Diego Police Department.
  • Follow guidelines in PPM 510-1, Section XIII: University Properties: Alcohol Policy.
    • According to the Alcohol Policy PPM 510-1, a Campus Events with Alcoholic Beverages Form is not required for on-campus events with less than 30 people in attendance. 
  • For full-service catering, follow the Catering & Bar Services instructions.

Off-campus event instructions

  • Obtain a quote from your desired bar service provider.
  • For off-campus events, an Event Request is not required. Please begin the process by creating an Event Expense Report.
  • If you're using a vendor that is asking you to sign a contract, send the contract to to review and sign on your behalf. 

Concur Catering request

Submit Catering Request

  • See our Knowledge Base Articles for more information on how to create an Event Request in Concur.
  • Attach any contracts or quotes and the Campus Events with Alcoholic Beverages Form to the Concur Request for review and signature.
  • Catering services orders processed through Concur will be invoiced and paid directly in Concur to ensure appropriate approvals, and comply with policy requirements for meetings and entertainment for the following events:
    • Alcoholic beverage purchases only
    • Food and catering which includes alcohol or bar service
    • Beverage Bar Service (with or without alcohol) Note: Attach the approved Campus Events with Alcoholic Beverages Form to the Concur Catering Request or to the invoice. 
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Notice: UC San Diego policy for meetings, entertainment, and hosted events, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts, and processing applications. The source is UC Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions.