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Donor and Fund Stewardship

Discover how the Office of Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship acknowledges gifts to the university, administers funds, facilitates the creation of endowed chairs, and oversees fundraising groups.

The Office of Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship seeks to strengthen ongoing relationships with the university's donors by providing timely communication about gift funds and supporting the appropriate use of those funds. See the Stewardship Team Member Guide and Organizational Chart for team members' key responsibilities and contacts for frequently asked questions.

Endowed chairs

The Office of Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship helps facilitate the approval process for endowed chairs by:
  • Maintaining comprehensive records about endowed chairs, their purpose, approval, and funds associated with the chairs.
  • Facilitating any changes made to endowed chair names, purposes, or terms (these are rare)
  • Working with Development and other campus representatives seeking to establish chairs
  • Monitoring and identifying chairs that are unfilled for an extended period or have accumulated income

Endowed Chair policy:

Fund stewardship

Helps you oversee funds by:

Gift acknowledgement

Supports the production of:

  • Receipt letters
  • Acknowledgement letters
  • First-time donor acknowledgement
  • Honor and memorial acknowledgements
  • Employer matching gift reminders and acknowledgements

Naming agreements

Individual donors can be honored by naming university property, a program, or facility. Donor Stewardship facilitates the approvals for naming agreements.

Support groups

The Support Group Office oversees the creation and compliance of any group or organization whose primary purpose is to assist the campus through fundraising, public outreach, and other support for the university’s mission.

If you have any questions regarding Donor and Fund Stewardship or information found on this page, please email us.