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UC San Diego Foundation

Find information about the UC San Diego Foundation.


The UC San Diego Foundation fosters and promotes community support for UC San Diego to:

  • Encourage donations for its educational, scientific, and public service programs
  • Assist other programs that benefit UC San Diego
  • Advise the chancellor on issues that affect the community and UC San Diego
More information about the current Board of Trustees.

Financial and Accounting information

See the Endowment and Financials Page for information on:

  • The Endowed Fund Report
  • How endowment works at UC San Diego
  • FAQ

See the Investment Information Page for: 

  • Endowment performance
  • Investment Pool Performance
  • Investment policies

See the Foundation's Financial Reports and Tax Information Page for: 

  • Tax exempt status letter
  • Recent Tax Returns (Form 990)
  • Recent Audited Financial Statements


For more information, find a contact in the Foundation staff.