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Fund Stewardship

Learn how the Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship Office can help you meet your legal obligation to manage and spend gift funds appropriately.

Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship Office ensures that UC San Diego:

  • Meets its legal obligation to fulfill gift terms
  • Expends gift funds consistent with gift/donor terms
  • Supports compliance with UC and UC San Diego policies
  • Adheres to the Donor Bill of Rights (PDF)

Financial Administration of Gift Funds

Assists campus unit administrators, business officers and fund mangers to identify their unit’s gift funds and the intended fund use.

Fund Stewardship Reports and Fund Reviews: 

Gift Policy Administration and Donor/Fund Stewardship provides campus leadership with filled/unfilled endowed chair fund reports, prepares and analyzes current use fund activity, and performs unit reviews for gift funds upon request by campus leadership and unit officers.


STAR (Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, Reporting) is an online dashboard powered by Cognos to provide Advancement and UC San Diego staff with access to financial information related to University private support gift funds (both Foundation and UC Regents). Access the STAR system and STAR training.

Quarterly Gift Fund Reports: 

Donor Stewardship prepares annual reports to identify endowment and current use funds with accumulated income. Reports are reviewed by strategic members of campus fiscal leadership.

Annual Endowed Fund Reports: 

Donor Stewardship prepares and sends a report to donors annually on the financial status of endowed funds. The reports are prepared on a fiscal-year-end basis and delivered to donors each fall (usually during October and November).

Impact Reports: 

Donor Stewardship collaborates with various departments on-campus to facilitate special impact reporting. Impact reports are important to convey UC San Diego's appreciation for continued support and generosity, in addition to demonstrating how gifts are being used according to their donor's intent.