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VC-CFO Committee for Inclusive Excellence

The VC-CFO Committee for Inclusive Excellence has been a primary driver in efforts to improve workplace climate and increase diversity and cultural competency across the UC San Diego workforce and within VC-CFO units. The committee includes leaders from each VC-CFO unit as well as all of the VC-CFO LEAD Fellows, and representatives from the Staff Association and the Chancellor's office. The committee meets every other month to provide counsel to the VC-CFO. Committee members share best practices, review representation and survey data, give feedback to programs being proposed for implementation and are accountable for implementing the strategies outlined in the VC-CFO EDI Accountability Reports.

Current Strategies

Career Access & Success Climate

The CFO portfolio is committed to attracting, retaining and developing a diverse staff population that contributes to institutional excellence at UC San Diego.

The CFO portfolio is committed to advancing a positive and welcoming climate on campus through systematic processes and on-going engagement.






Committee Members

  • Inclusive Excellence Committee Chair, Pierre Ouillet        
  • Inclusive Excellence Committee Facilitator, Allorah Pradenas (LEAD Fellow 2020/21)                               
  • Business & Financial Services/LEAD Fellow Subcommittee Chair, Kacy Marume (LEAD Fellow 2018/19)             
  • Business & Financial Services, Anthony Singleton (LEAD Fellow 2015/16)       
  • Business & Financial Services, Davyda Johnson (LEAD Fellow 2020/21)     
  • Business & Financial Services, Heather Vinograd (LEAD Fellow 2017/18)
  • Business & Financial Services, Patrick Etienne (LEAD Fellow 2020/21)          
  • Business & Financial Services, Ted Johnson (LEAD Fellow 2020/21)
  • Campus Budget Office, Kathryn Friedberg
  • Campus Budget Office, Margaret Ramaeker            
  • Housing Dining Hospitality, Amber Bareno           
  • Human Resources, Raúl Navarro Rodríguez   
  • Human Resources, Terri Winbush
  • Information Technology Services, Brian DeMeulle (LEAD Fellow 2020/21)
  • Information Technology Services, Declan Fleming (LEAD Fellow 2017/18) 
  • Information Technology Services, Sheryl Gerbracht
  • Information Technology Services, Sophia Nasrallah          
  • Real Estate, Tim Moore
  • Operational Strategic Initiatives, Laura de la Peña
  • Staff Association – FY22-23 President, Desiree Hennon
  • Chancellor’s Office, Aileen Serrano

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