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Inclusion and Belonging Program Track

Discover professional development opportunities for inclusion and belonging.

Inclusion and Belonging at UC San Diego

Inclusion and Belonging includes concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion as it applies to the professional sphere at UC San Diego. This program track is open to all employees and emphasizes the value of ongoing reflection, accountability, and education to sustain a culture of inclusion that is critical to the culture of professionalism at UC San Diego.

The Inclusion and Belonging Program Track offers a structure to learn about the historical context of systems of oppression affecting equity, diversity, and inclusion. You can engage in learning to further understand your role and responsibility to become an agent of change as a member of the UC San Diego community. Inclusion and Belonging is critical to UC San Diego’s values through the Principles of Community and the Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Find self-guided resources about concepts such as bias and anti-racism to further your ability to identify and disrupt oppressive patterns.      Find self-assessments, team activities, and course offerings to engage in reflection and collective learning.      Learn about the LEAD Fellows program and how to become agents of social change at UC San Diego.


Resource Description Modality What to Expect
The Chancellor's 21 Day Anti-Racism Challenge  The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion offers a curriculum around a social justice framework to understand power, privilege, race and supremacy.  Digital Library intermediate-levelonlinecalendar for activities taking place over several days 
White Allyship, Action & Accountability Initiative  Use the self-guided learning plan intended to comprehensively promote anti-racism by strengthening white ally engagement in efforts to mitigate bias and to deepen white ally involvement in educating on anti-racism and driving racial equity at UC San Diego.  Digital Library intermediate-levelonlinecalendar for activities taking place over several days

UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: Common Forms of Bias 

This is a six-course online training series that helps learners be aware of implicit bias and how it impacts the way we work, interact with others, and make hiring decisions.  Online Series  beginner online calendar for activities taking place over several days

Gender Recognition: A Focus on Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Awareness

This course will introduce you to terms and concepts related to gender and nonbinary identities, as well as best practices for name, pronoun, and title usage that align with UC San Diego's effort to ensure inclusion of transgender, nonbinary, and intersex people. eCourse beginneronlinehourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Candis Watts Smith: 3 myths about racism that keep the US from progress  TED presents political scientist, Candis Watts Smith, who debunks three myths about racism in the U.S. to move towards action-oriented anti-racism.  TED Talk  beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
The difference between being “not racist” and antiracist  TED presents author and historian, Ibram X. Kendi, who addresses the concept of anti-racism to identify and reject oppressive systems.  TED Talk  beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias  TED presents author, speaker and CEO, Valerie Alexander, who explains how the human brain functions and experiences unconscious bias.  TED Talk  beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Campus Timeline  Learn about the history of UC San Diego.  Web Page  beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive  The UC San Diego Library created a physical exhibit and digital library to document the history of student activism at UC San Diego.  Living Archive  beginneronline

Build Skills

Resource Description Modality Icons
Harvard Implicit Bias Test  This online assessment allows participants to discover hidden cognitive biases.   Assessment  intermediateonlinehourglass for activity finished within a few hours
UC San Diego Extension, Humanities Courses 

Explore Extensions courses and programs such as Black Voices Matter, Recognizing and Managing Unconscious Bias, Equitable and Inclusive Learning Environments 


Fee: varies

Program intermediateonlinecalendar for activities taking place over several daysfee
50 Ways to Fight Bias digital program 

Use this free digital program to access resources that will prepare you to facilitate a workshop around identifying and addressing bias. 

Activity intermediateonline


Resource Description Modality Icons
Leaders for Equity Advancement and Diversity (LEAD) Fellows  LEAD Fellows are campus champions who engage and lead crucial conversations around improving organizational learning and campus climate.  Program advancedin person activityonlinetakes place over several days


Icon Description
fee Fee - there is a required fee for this resource
hour glass Hourglass - this resource can be completed in under two hours
calendar Calendar - this resource requires a time commitment of two days or more
in-person resource In-person - this resource requires face-to-face interaction in an in-person setting
beginner-level Beginner - this resource works well for new learners
intermediate-level Intermediate - this resource is most helpful for learners with a brief understanding of the topic
advanced-level Advanced - this resource is helpful for learners with a thorough understanding of the topic
online Online - this resource is offered in a virtual setting