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Continuous Improvement Program Track

Discover professional development opportunities for continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement at UC San Diego

Continuous improvement is the ongoing optimization of business processes using an incremental approach, ranging from business process mapping and analysis through to solution design and implementation. The goal of continuous improvement is to increase productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction incrementally and reiteratively over time. 

Continuous improvement aligns with UC San Diego's well-established culture of innovation and improvement. Continuous improvement includes process improvement, Lean methodology and Lean Six Sigma, and is widely practiced at UC San Diego. The Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives (OSI) has identified Lean Six Sigma as the continuous improvement methodology of choice for UC San Diego, and offers services and trainings in this area. Furthermore, the UC San Diego Business Excellence Community of Practice (BECOP) is a gathering of people from all areas of UC San Diego that practice continuous improvement, project management, and/or change management. 

In the Exploration section you will find resources for exploring aspects of Continuous Improvement for no cost.      In the Build Skills section, you will find programs and resources to further your Continuous Improvement skills and put them into practice.      In the Beyond section, you will find programs and resources to dig even further into Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma.


Resource Description Modality What to Expect
Lean Six Sigma White Belt  Receive a high-level introduction to the Lean Six Sigma concept. YouTube Video beginneronline hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma and their Applications  Learn abou the relationship between Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Also explore relationships among business systems and processes using some practical examples of Lean Six Sigma applications.  Skillsoft beginneronline
Six Sigma: Project Management Basics  Learn about tools that are available for use when planning and managing a Six Sigma project. Explore the work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, activity network diagrams, affinity diagrams, matrix charts, tree diagrams and tollgate reviews. Skillsoft beginneronline hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement  Learn how to sustain a culture of continuous improvement after the departure of a leader who was passionate about Toyota Production System (TPS). Article  beginneronline hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
TED Talk Video: Lean Thinking Applied To All  Can the lean methodology be applied to all areas of our lives beyond the workplace? Can we use the methodology to explore our full potential and make our lives more meaningful? This video by Bill Peterson explores those questions.  TED Talk beginneronline hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
Steve Jobs Talks Lean Six Sigma core principles  Steve Jobs covers some of the core principles of Lean Six Sigma (without him necessarily knowing it!)  YouTube Video beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours
TEDxKnoxville - Bill Peterson - Lean Applied to Us  Learn about "lean management" and the fundamental concepts within the practice.  TED Talk beginner online hourglass for activity finished within a few hours

Build Skills

Resource Description Modality Icons
TestPrep: Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt  Practice for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam. Assess your readiness by using Exam Mode or further prepare using Learn Mode which provides immediate feedback and explanations. Assessment intermediateonline
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt 

This interactive training uses a hands-on group experiential learning simulation to explore process improvement tools, including the DMAIC model, value stream mapping, Lean 5S, data analysis tools and process sigma, to apply the concepts of Lean Six Sigma in real-time while demonstrating real-life application in higher education. 


Fee: $75

Course advancedin person activitytakes place over several daysfee

Join The UC San Diego Business Excellence Community of Practice (BECOP) embraces change management, continuous improvement, and project management to bring good change to our great institution. 

Community of Practice in person activityonlinetakes place over several daysfee
Six Sigma Percipio Bundle

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful methodology and toolset enabling breakthrough process improvements. Learn how to apply it in your workplace. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular process improvement methods, Lean and Six Sigma. These two time-tested approaches provide organizations with a clear path to achieving their missions quickly and effectively. You'll learn how Lean Six Sigma is a system for analyzing and improving processes.

Skillsoft intermediate-levelonlinetakes place over several days


Resource Description Modality Icons
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certificates 

Beneficial for participants who have process improvement responsibilities and wish to advance their career, as well as those individuals who are new to the tool set. The certificate is offered in-person, online, hybrid, or live online.


Fee: Varies ($1,995-$6,090)

Certificate intermediate-levelin person activityonlinetakes place over several daysfee
Free Self-Study Six Sigma Training Guides & Full Edition Manuals for Six Sigma Professionals

The Council for Six Sigma Certification offers a self-reliant option for learners comfortable tackling the methodology on their own. Simply read the necessary self-study guide and take the certification exam. If you have problems along the way, they have Mentors and Training Providers you can reach out to. 

Exam Fee: $395

Training Guides advancedonlinetakes place over several days
Lean Six Sigma Leadership 

A continuous improvement course specifically tailored to leaders. This is for those who oversee teams who have earned any level of Lean Six Sigma Belt and want to effectively drive change and instill a culture of continuous improvement. 


Fee: $1,795

Program advancedin person activitytakes place over several daysfee


Icon Description
fee Fee - there is a required fee for this resource
hour glass Hourglass - this resource can be completed in under two hours
calendar Calendar - this resource requires a time commitment of two days or more
in-person resource In-person - this resource requires face-to-face interaction in an in-person setting
beginner-level Beginner - this resource works well for new learners
intermediate-level Intermediate - this resource is most helpful for learners with a brief understanding of the topic
advanced-level Advanced - this resource is helpful for learners with a thorough understanding of the topic
online Online - this resource is offered in a virtual setting