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Inclusive Excellence at IT Services

Innovation through diversity

At IT Services, we believe that the true height of our potential can only be realized when our voices are given the space to be heard and resonate. This is why we champion diversity, equality and inclusivity in our staff. We respect perspective, background, personal identity, and heritage ­– all the things that make us unique. It is a commitment that runs far deeper than any set of workplace standards and remains firmly embedded in the fabric of our department, university, and campus community.

We are dedicated to supporting our staff and continuing to attract an incredibly talented and diverse candidate pool to keep us on the cutting edge of innovation in serving the wide-ranging needs of our community. Simply put, we are better together. As a member of our staff, you will have every opportunity to charge ahead and achieve your aspirations and play an active role in the future of this department.

Join us in creating a brilliant, inclusive community with heart. Imagine what we can achieve together.

Cultivating Inclusion and Belonging During a Pandemic 

Check out the "Cultivating Inclusion and Belonging During a Pandemic" presentation by Eugene Whitlock, JD, Chief People & Culture Officer and AVC-Human Resources at UC Berkeley, on December 2, 2020. Mr. Whitlock addresses why diversity, equity and inclusion matter and how organizations and leaders can create a sense of belonging.