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Employee Recognition

Join IT Services, where your hard work and contributions are appreciated and rewarded. 

IT Services believes in recognizing and honoring staff for going above and beyond to achieve the missions of the university and department. We strive to recognize staff in a timely manner for both one-time achievements and also for sustained performance. 

STAR Awards. Employee incentive awards recognize and reward excellence in university service; recognizing and rewarding significant achievements and contributions; and recognizing and rewarding outstanding individual and team contributions.  

Spotlight Awards. Spotlight Awards are designed to quickly recognize and reward deeds and accomplishments performed with exceptional speed, with a special quality and/or under difficult or unusual circumstances. Examples include completing projects with critical and/or exceptionally short due dates, stepping up to assist a co-worker who required your expertise, or making notable cost-saving recommendations. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and awarded monthly.

Appreciation Events. Designed to award groups of staff (and potentially key customers) at the end of a project. For groups with fewer opportunities to participate on projects, managers may hold one appreciation event each fiscal year. Examples of celebrations include a lunch (preferably on campus or at a modest off-campus establishment), a party with refreshments provided, and an ice cream social at the Faculty Club.     

Professional Development Program. IT Services encourages the development of staff in pursuing their passions. Professional development is intended to enhance staff effectiveness and productivity, develop new skills and knowledge. Professional development can also assist in career development for upward or lateral reclassification, as well as succession planning efforts.