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Bee Encounters

Bee on a white flower

Learn how to manage bee encounters.

The Environment Health & Safety Pest Management team uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach when addressing Honey Bee concerns on campus. Our (IPM) methods include nonlethal passive control measures and physical removal as first options. Only as a last resort and when there is a clear human safety hazard and obvious danger to UC San Diego community members will a chemical treatment be applied. EH&S Pest Management is fully committed to environmental stewardship and the protection of beneficial insects and Bees while ensuring a safe learning and working environment.


If someone allergic to bees is stung, or if a person is stung multiple times, call:

  • From landlines: 911
  • From cell phones: (858) 534-HELP(4357)

Swarms and hives

If bees are swarming in large numbers:

  1. Remain calm and move out of the area slowly.
  2. Slowly and carefully brush off any insects that land on you or wait until they fly away. Do not hit at or "shoo" insects away.

If you find a hive or swarm of bees, request pest management help.

  • Don't attempt to spray a swarm or hive.
  • The only way to get rid of a colony is to request assistance from trained professionals.


Questions? Contact EH&S Pest Management, (858) 534-4534.
Notice: Environment, Health & Safety does not provide pest control advice or help to individuals or agencies outside UC San Diego. Area residents should contact their local animal control agency or exterminator for assistance.