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Summer 2022 Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REU) Program Administration

Find out about criteria and establishing campus affiliate access for approved REU programs for Summer 2022.

Program Criteria

In-person Summer REU programs have been approved for Summer 2022 at UC San Diego. REU’s that are at least 5 weeks long and satisfy the criteria below will have health needs and COVID related requirements supported by UC San Diego Student Health. REUs less than 5 weeks long will be permitted provided they independently organize services and support to meet UCSD health policies and guidelines.

Criteria for UCSD Student Health assisted REUs (5+ weeks long)

  • Must be at least 5 weeks long
  • Conducted by a campus PI (and campus partners)
  • Involves undergraduates, most of whom are from campuses other than UC San Diego
  • The REU students focus on doing research in faculty labs; there are usually some group activities and perhaps some modules or short-courses

 Criteria for REUs with independently contracted health services (Less than 5 weeks long)

  • Conducted by a campus PI (and campus partners)
  • REU sponsor must contract for external COVID testing as dictated by UC San Diego. Sponsor is responsible for enforcement and reporting.

1. Submit Summer 2022 Inventory form - Due April 21, 2022

To receive an updated copy of the Summer REU MOU, please enter your program’s information into the Summer 2022 Program Inventory form.

2. Voluntary Activity Waiver + New Lab Worker Checklist

All students participating in summer REU programming are required to sign a Voluntary Activity Waiver; new lab worker checklist and submit this to their program coordinator. These documents are provided to PIs/program coordinators/dirctors via email with the MOU.

3. Sign and Return MOU

Regardless of length, an MOU for summer 2022 will need to be signed by:

  1. PI or Faculty Lead
  2. Department Business Officer or MSO or Chief Administrative Officer
  3. Divisional Dean’s Office Representatives (Dean or Assistant Dean)

Return signed MOUs to

REUs that are less than 5 weeks long stop here.

Establishing Campus Affiliate Access for REUs 5+ Weeks

Summer REU students must be set up in advance of their arrival with AD accounts, EPIC IDs and Campus Affiliate ID Cards in order to access the required COVID-19 testing and symptom screening applications, as well as other campus services (UCLC lab safety training, library services, shuttles, campus recreation) during their time at UC San Diego. They also need to fill out a voluntary activity waiver. This process may take up to two weeks to complete, thus it is critical that REU program coordinators begin this process well in advance of their student cohort’s arrival. This process is not available to REUs less than 5 weeks.

1. Submit the campus affiliate access form:

Tips on filling out the form:

  • Red fields are required.
  • Yellow fields aren't required but are nice to have, e.g. mobile phone.
  • White fields aren't required but are useful in cases where the student might already have an Epic account.
  • Green fields are system-generated.
  • ID Card Affiliate Number: REU students will not be given an ISIS PID. The ID Card Affiliate Number will serve in lieu of the PID for REU students.
  • SSN: This field is optional, however, if the REU student already has a record with UC San Diego Health, not providing the SSN will result in the creation of a duplicate EPIC health record.
  • Address: If an REU student is in residence on campus for the duration of the program, use the standard campus address. If a student is not residing on campus, EPIC prefers that the home address be used.
  • ID Card Affiliate Classification: Choose “Visiting Scholar”.
  • 1st Attendance Date: Choose a date 2 weeks prior to actual start date of the program.
  • Member Effective To Date: Choose a date 1 week following the end date of the program.
  • ID Card Project COA and ID Card Task COA: Enter the appropriate chartstring project and task numbers for the cost of the Affiliate ID cards. Pending confirmation: Summer 2022 card costs are projected to be $25.

2. ID Card Photos

Each REU program coordinator needs to provide a photo for each student for their ID card. You can do this in 2 ways:

Photo tips: 

  • Plain, white background
  • Even lighting
  • Color photo 
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No one else in photo
  • .jpeg or .png file type


Questions regarding these requirements can be directed to Summer Planning in the Office of Educational Innovation.
Note: This page has a friendly link that is easy to remember: