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Lived Name and Personal Pronoun Information for Students

UC San Diego has implemented a new name policy for students as of Fall Quarter 2023. Students may now enter a lived name, including first, middle and last, and access to student legal name is now restricted. This change is in accordance with the University of California’s Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy.

Lived name shall now be used in all places where legal name is not specifically required including the VAC, WebReg, class rosters, Student Campus ID cards, and in most other systems where you will interact with the university. Legal name will continue to be used for things such as generating bills, within TritonPay, on 1098T documents, on refund checks, and for insurance and financial aid. 

Students can enter or change their lived name and review their name settings via the Social Identities Tool. If you are an instructor who would like a lived name to appear in student systems, such as class rosters and in the Schedule of Classes, you may also update your lived name in the Social Identities Tool.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions for students may be found here.

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