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Operating Budget Process Overview

Learn about the operating budget process and find links to planning documents.


The Campus Budget Office (CBO) has responsibility and overview of the UC San Diego operating budget and the process by which funds are acquired, allocated and utilized.

The focus of the campus budget process is on core funds provided by the State or generated by the University. When combined, these funds account for approximately one-fourth of the total receipts for UC San Diego.

The campus budget process typically takes place during the period of March through August. The CBO prepares the proposed resource allocation package and presents it to the Campus Budget Committee for consideration. After a review period, during which the vice chancellors consult with their respective financial officers, the committee makes its recommendations to the Chancellor for final approval. All information on incremental allocations to the campus are shared with the Campus Budget Committee and become part of the campus resource allocation package.

The campus budget process is an open process largely driven by long standing allocation methodologies developed and modified over time by consensus of all stakeholders. This approach provides a framework that facilitates long term planning. The vice chancellors receive their funding based on the campus models mentioned above. Each vice chancellor has his or her own process for distributing these funds to their divisions allowing maximum funding authority along with responsibility to follow applicable policies.

Documents for 2018-19 Budget Development

Documents including the budget call memo, budget development guidelines and the schedule of budget meetings are available on the Executive Budget and Planning Sharepoint site.

For access to the Sharepoint site, please contact Matt Xavier, mlxavier@ucsd.edu.  Documents for 2019-20 cycle will be posted on the Sharepoint site in Late Fall/Early Winter.