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Oracle Planning and Budgeting

Learn about UC San Diego's planning and budgeting system.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting is a bottom-up budget development system focused on long-term campus-wide comprehensive consolidated planning and budgeting for all core and other unrestricted funds. Oracle's Planning and Budgeting module will bring core functionality for budgeting, workforce planning and will lay the foundation for more process improvements and additional functionality to come.

Review more information below about Oracle Planning and Budgeting and training resources to help you prepare for budget development.

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UC San Diego is modernizing its planning and budgeting processes to meet UC San Diego's increasingly complex planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting needs.

In 2019, the campus began the Enterprise System Renewal – Financial Information System (FIS) project in earnest and a few months later announced its selection of Oracle Planning and Budgeting as UC San Diego's new comprehensive Budget and Financial Management solution. Planned to launch in January 2021 to the campus, Oracle Planning and Budgeting will provide a modern, intuitive solution to effectively plan, budget, manage and steward the university's financial resources. 


What is Oracle Planning and Budgeting?
  • Oracle’s cloud-based Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Service (EPBCS) system is known locally as Oracle Planning and Budgeting.
  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting will be rolled out to the campus in phases.
  • Functionality will include bottoms-up department budgeting, workforce planning for staff and faculty, non-payroll expense planning, and centralized submission of budget requests for new campus resources.
  • Specialiazed functionality includes enhanced reporting and resource commitment tracking.
What has and is Changing?
  • The Permanent Budget System / BudgetLink have been retired and replaced by Oracle Planning and Budgeting. With the new system, you will see changes such as:
    • Modern, web-based look and feel
    • Convenient navigation
    • Planning on the new chart of accounts
    • Standardized department budgeting at Financial Unit - Fund - Function - Project - Account
What are the benefits?
  • A web-based tool built on Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Provides visibility and better stewardship of all Core and Unrestricted fund budgets
  • Increases transparency and accountability
  • Enables data-informed decision making
  • Provides accurate, timely, and real-time data
  • Improves data stability and integrity
  • Establishes standardized budget preparation process
  • Offers visibility into budget variances
  • Reduces need for offline, spreadsheet-based budget template collection
When did these changes take place?
  • In February 2020, there was a soft launch of Oracle Planning and Budgeting to a select pilot group of users who used the system to develop their FY20/21 annual budget.
  • In January 2021, the system went go-live for all remaining campus budget users.
Am I part of the Budget User Group?
  • If you are unsure if you are a Budget User and responsible for preparing the budget for your Financial Unit in the Oracle Planning and Budgeting system, please contact your Vice Chancellor Office.

How do I Request Access to be a Budget User?
  • For more information on Role Requests, click here.
How does Oracle Planning and Budgeting change my day-to-day job?
  • The Permanent Budget System / BudgetLink / Online Transfer of Funds (TOFs) have been retired and replaced with the new Oracle Budget tool as well as financial journal functionality in Oracle. This will lead to greater consistency and efficiency in your day-to-day tasks. This will require learning new skills, but you will be trained on the new system.
How will I receive my annual budget allocations?
  • When resources are allocated, Oracle Budget will utilize a set of transfer account codes to provide funding to the Financial Unit – Fund – Function -  Project chart string, similar to the BD index Fund-Org-Program (FOP) string today.
Who can I contact with questions or issues?

System Timeline

For more information including dates and deadlines related to the system, training and the budget process. Campus Budget Office Key Dates and Deadlines

Reference Documents

Communications & Engagement

Stay up-to-date on the latest communications and join our Budget and Planning Community of Practice Channel.

  • Community of Practice (COP) - The Budget and Planning COP channel audience includes Budget Preparers identified by each Vice Chancellor Office with responsibility to create Financial Unit budgets within the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud System (EPBCS).



Link here to complete your live operating budget.



Link to the EPBCS training environment sandbox to practice budgeting.



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