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Student Fees

Information and links to Student Fee overview and policies.

Student Fee Levels

Course Materials and Services Fees (CMSF)

The Course Materials & Services Fee (CMSF) Committee is currently revising and clarifying the criteria for CMSF approvals  as well as re-evaluating existing fees. Therefore, the CMSF Committee did not/is not accepting any new CMSF requests for the 2023-24 Academic Year.

The revised CMSF guidelines should be available in the late summer/fall of 2023 to allow ample time to prepare proposals for the next CMSF review cycle (proposals due early WI24 for potential implementation FA24).

We appreciate the time and care invested in developing curricular enhancements. The CMSF approval process does not preclude Instructors from implementing curriculum enhancements funded internally from the department/school.

Thank you for your patience as the CMSF Committee works through the principles and the establishment of new guidelines.

Please contact Heide Trimble ( in the EVC's office for additional questions.



PPM 120-9 is a campus issuance that sets policy and procedure for the establishment and/or adjustment of Course Materials & Services Fee (CMSF) levels through the Campus Course Materials & Services Fee Committee process.


This Exhibit is part of the "PPM 120-9 Policy" (linked above). This proposal form is to be used by academic departments to submit a request for a new CMSF or an adjustment request to a current CMSF. The CMSF proposal form must have all required information provided & signatures to be accepted for review by the CMSF committee.
Proposals submitted after the deadline stated in the "CMSF Submission Schedule & Review Process Timeline" documents will not be considered for the current review cycle and will have to wait until the following year's review.
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