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Financial Deficit Policy

Learn about the newly revised Financial Deficit Policy and monitoring deficit balances in your Financial Unit.

UC San Diego receives financial support from a number of external stakeholders and has a stewardship responsibility to its students, patients, and donors, as well as federal, state and private funding agencies, and the public. That stewardship includes prudent financial management of resources entrusted to the University and the Administrative Officials in each Financial Unit.

All Financial Units are expected to meet their financial needs within their overall available funding. Financial Deficits should not occur and must be remedied immediately when they do occur. The appropriate resolution will differ by Fund and circumstance. 

Financial Deficits should first be identified by Financial Unit and Fund. However, in some cases, balances must be measured by including the Project segment that captures business categories. Deficits for Sponsored Research Project Awards, Capital Construction Projects and General Projects (including operating Recharge Activities, Auxiliaries, Service Agreements, Faculty start-up and portfolio, among others) will be measured at the Project segment.

Units will not be permitted to carry over Financial Deficits exceeding $25,000 without a deficit resolution plan that is approved by the Department Chair/Designee and Dean/Vice Chancellor.


Deficit Report

There are two Deficit Reports currently available on in the Budget and Financial Management Reports Panorama dashboard: 

The Financial Deficit Report - Operating Funds displays deficit balances on Core Funds, Unrestricted Funds and Gift Funds. 

The Financial Deficit Report - Sponsored Projects displays deficit balances on Sponsored Projects in PPM. 


To view information and links to historical IFIS deficit reports in Cognos, please visit Deficit Balance Analytics.

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