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ISIS Account Write-Offs

Find information about ISIS account write-offs.

Each month, University Billing Services (UBS) produces a series of reports and letters identifying accounts that are reviewed for possible write-off.

Write-off is the process of determining whether the billing department can collect on the debt within the operating cycle (180 days). If not, the item is charged off of the accounting books for the department. A determination is made as to whether the account should be turned over to a collection agency contracted through the University.

The following is a summary of these reports and department responsibilities and steps required in the processing of delinquent accounts:

Unpaid charges report (Aging Report)

  • Each month, UBS generates a notice to the departments that request a review of the Aging Report of their department’s billings. The Aging Report lists student, employee, government, and general public accounts that have at least one invoice that is on ISIS AR.
  • Departments identify items appearing on the 90-day portion of the report that are still deemed collectible and reports them to UBS.
  • Departments have 15 calendar days to respond to UBS regarding accounts to be held from collections processing.

Recommended for write-off report and past due notices (120-day)

UBS runs a monthly report of uncollectible accounts (items unpaid at the 120-day mark that have not been flagged as collectible):

  • The UBS unit will generate a report to the department indicating accounts for potential write-off.
  • UBS generates past due letters for mailing.
  • UBS monitors the receipt of payment and/or responses from the debtor.
  • UBS generates a report and second past due letters for distribution/ mailing.
  • UBS monitors the receipt of payment and/or responses from the debtor. 

Approval for write-off report

  • Each month and 30 days after dissemination of past due notices (150 days), any account still past due is referred to the Director of Student Financial Solutions, the AssociateController, and the Controller for approval to write off the accounts.


  • Each month, after write-off approval has been received (180 days), Student Financial Solutions writes off the specified account(s), applies write-off holds to each student account, and codes accounts that have total write-offs greater than $25 into collection agency status.
  • After write-off, a report is generated and account is assigned to a collection agency. If initial agency assignment does not collect on the account after one year, account will be returned to the University and reassigned to a second collection agency.
For other questions or problems, contact Student Financial Solutions through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.