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Troubleshooting Your ISIS Accounts Receivable

Find out how to resolve common problems with ISIS AR.

Payments were posted to your ledger, not to ISIS.

Contact the Cashier's Office, regarding the payment, where it was posted incorrectly, and where it should be posted in ISIS AR.

To avoid this problem in the future, whenever you receive an accounts receivable payment directly:

  • Review the payment to identify where it should be deposited.
  • Always complete the Cashiers AR Deposits (Central Cashier Deposit Advice form, Excel), noting both the invoice number and the Perdonal Identification (PID) number where the payment should be deposited.
  • Submit the payment and the form to the Central Cashier's Office for correct processing to ISIS.

The bank returns a check that you've deposited.

Sometimes the bank returns a check to the Cashier's Office because of insufficient funds, a stop-payment order, a closed account, or other similar reason.

  • In this case, the Cashier’s Office takes 2 actions:
    • Creates an ISIS AR account and charges the account holder for the amount of the check plus a $35 returned-check fee
    • Gives you a provisional credit in your ledger
  • Next, the account holder should send the payment and $35 fee to the Cashier's Office.
  • However, if you receive the replacement check instead, make sure to post it to the ISIS AR charge. DO NOT redeposit the check into your general ledger account.

Your general ledger does not match your invoicing record.

Use the Accounts Receivable Management Tools to reconcile your ledger.

For other questions or problems, contact Student Financial Solutions through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.