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Business Intelligence and Financial Reporting

Business Intelligence and Financial Reporting is dedicated to providing a window into financial data by providing curated reports that help fiscal staff understand the financial information they are responsible for. We are a group of developers, analysts, and subject matter experts who combine our business intelligence skills and subject matter expertise to generate reporting and business intelligence solutions that provide maximum insight into your business operations.

Mission Statement

Provide insight into financial data in support of world-class education and research.

Strategic Objectives

  • Produce financial reports that are intuitive and help campus departments make sound financial decisions in support of their business.
  • Support the various divisions within Business and Financial Services with data analytics to ensure financial and regulatory compliance.
  • Support role-based financial systems training initiatives with excellent instruction on how to use reports to answer business questions.
  • Maintain the integrity of the Oracle Analytics platform and BI catalog in support of Campus, Foundation, and UCSD Health reporting.

How to engage with us

  • Access our reports from the Budget & Finance section on the Business Analytics Hub.
  • Submit an enhancement request to inform future report development.
  • Attend Fund Manager Office Hours to see demos of new and existing reports and ask questions about how to use or interpret reports in a collegial community environment.
  • Attend a 1:1 zoom session for more focused help with a report or business question.
  • Visit the BI & Financial Reporting site on Blink to view upcoming report development efforts and detailed information about how to use the reports on BAH.

Job-focused Financial Reporting

We meet with groups of campus stakeholders in financial roles across campus to understand their business processes and the questions they ask that financial reports can answer. In partnership with those groups, we design new reports or discuss the reorganization of existing reports to better meet business needs.  Roles that we have engaged or will engage include fund managers, fiscal managers, fiscal leaders, and recharge facility managers.

Training and Communications

Reports are a primary way that our clients view financial system data.  As such, it is critical that report users understand how the financial system works and how reports are organized to display that data in a meaningful way.  In addition, it is important for fiscal staff to understand which reports are best suited to answer any given question.  To that end, we will provide multiple learning modalities for report users to learn about reports and the financial data they expose:

  • Live, instructor-led workshops on specific commonly-used reports
  • Group report demos and trainings in an office hours context
  • Written content on Blink that clearly demonstrates the purpose of a report and how to use it
  • Integration with formalized role-based training such as Fund Manager Bootcamp
  • Email communication about important new developments in financial reporting
  • Clear communication about the report development roadmap, elucidating the timeline for report development and when submitted requests will be completed

Heather Sears

Director, Business Intelligence and Financial Reporting 


Our team answers questions about and solves problems with financial reports.  For problems related to the data exposed in a report or to request changes to data in the source system, contact the relevant BFS team responsible for the data.  Questions and problems we can address include:

  • Which report should I use to answer this business question?
  • Can you help me interpret the data I see on this report?
  • The data presented on this report doesn’t match what I see in the source application.

Contact us through UC San Diego Services & Support and select the corresponding service in the About and Related to fields listed below:

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BI Support
  • Heather Sears
  • Alan Dang
BI & Financial Reporting

Other General Financial Report Inquiries

Financial Report Enhancement Request

  • Rehan Ahmed
  • Maruthi Alamuri
  • Pradeep Nandhigama
  • Eva Thiveos
  • Beverly Baker
BI & Financial Reporting
Report an Issue or Error with Existing Financial Reports
Oracle BI Migration
  • Maruthi Alamuri
  • Chris Pfeifer
BI & Financial Reporting Oracle BI Catalog Migration Request