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Real Estate: Frequently Asked Questions

Read frequently asked questions and answers about real estate topics.

How can my department lease space off campus?

See Leasing Space Off-Campus.

Be prepared to provide the following details about your space requirements:

  • Square footage needed
  • Use of space
  • Term of lease
  • Number of employees who will occupy the space
  • Location preferences
  • Time frame in which the space will be needed
  • Budget available for the required space 

Once your department has determined its specific space requirements, you will need to submit an Off-Campus Space Request Form to initiate a space search. This form must be authorized by the requesting department before a space search can begin. Real Estate staff will work with the department to locate a suitable space that meets stated requirements.

How long does it typically take to acquire off-campus space once a request has been submitted?

Depending on your space needs, location, current market conditions, and lease negotiation, this process can take several months to complete.

Who negotiates a lease?

Real Estate staff negotiates the lease based on your department's requirements. The lease is subject to your department's approval.

Who pays the rent on a lease?

Individual departments are responsible for processing the payments for their rental commitment as agreed to in the lease.

Who has the approved authority to enter into a lease on behalf of a UC San Diego department?

The Chancellor has redelegated authority to enter into leases on behalf of the UC San Diego campus to the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Real Estate

Who retains the original signed lease agreement?

An original or copy of the executed lease agreement is on file at both the Real Estate office and UC Office of the President, Real Estate Service Group.

What does a department do when its lease is about to expire?

Each department should monitor its lease expiration date.

However,  Real Estate notifies the department in advance when its lease is about to expire and inquires about its intentions regarding renewal or terminatiion of the lease. If you have questions about your department's upcoming lease expiration, contact Real Estate.

What is an R&A (Renovations and Alterations) form, and where can I get one?

An R&A form is used for capital improvement projects, renovation of a space or a building, or alterations of University-owned or University-controlled property and facilities, including leased/ managed facilities, which are coordinated through Real Estate.

An R&A form is required for all minor capital improvement projects from $35,001 to $400,000 and for renovation and alteration projects for $35,000 or less that involve one or more of the following:

  • Any change to external aesthetics
  • Change in space classification (e.g., from classroom to office, conference room to laboratory, etc.)
  • Subdivision or enlargement of space
  • Change of space allocation from one department to another
  • Modifications to existing HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems
  • Installation/ modification of any fire/ life safety system, such as fire alarm system, fire protection system, changes affecting exit paths, etc.
  • Installation of carpeting, unless it is on the EH&S pre-approved list of materials/ applications (see EH&S website)
  • Installation of window coverings
  • Any work in leased/ managed properties

Download an R&A form (PDF).

Who do I contact for customer service (repairs and maintenance items) in my office?

Manged properties

For contact information see Assest Management. Use an Asset Management Service Request form for the following properties:

  • Torrey Pines Center South at 10280 North Torrey Pines Road
  • 330 Lewis Street
  • 3525 John Hopkins Court
  • 7835 Trade Street
  • 1899 McKee Street
  • 1241 Cave Street
  • Science Research Park
  • Garden View Medical Plaza at 1200 Garden View Road

On campus

For properties on campus (including Torrey Pines Center North but excluding Housing & Dining facilities, RIMAC, or University Centers), contact Facilities Management for maintenance issues.

For urgent requests call 858-534-2930.

Other properties

For all other locations, contact Real Estate.