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Real Estate: Staff Directory

Find contact information for Real Estate staff members.

Name Title Phone Email
Executive Director
Graham, Jeff Executive Director (858) 534-1427
Finance and Operations
Defante, Alex Financial and Business Operations Manager (858) 246-5110
Reid, Connie Managed Projects Analyst (858) 822-1145
Banach, Marina Executive Support (858) 534-1488
Human Resources
Mickle, Joanna HR Business Partner (858) 246-5013
Real Property Leasing
Moore, Tim Director, Real Property Leasing (858) 534-1494
Mulvey, Brandi Sr. Manager, Real Property Leasing (858) 534-7480
Wolf, Steve Manager, Real Property Leasing (858) 761-2853
Foster, Genevieve Assistant, Real Property Leasing (858) 246-5757
Asset Management
Golde, James Director, Asset Management (858) 534-9768
Tsai, Justin Sr. Asset Manager (858) 246-5112

Winegrad, Lawrence Sr. Leasing Officer (858) 246-5593
Flaherty, Janie Leasing Asset Manager (858) 761-1658
Hamilton, John Bus. Systems Analyst (858) 534-7493
Chan, Jonathan Real Estate Student Intern
Acquisitions, Private-Public Partnerships
Kilpatrick, Julie Director, Acquisitions & Public Private Partnerships (858) 534-7475