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FedEx Accounts

Learn more about FedEx Accounts and How to Set Them Up

Requesting a FedEx Account

Department requests for a new UCSD FedEx account, for University Department’s shipping and logistics needs, should be made by contacting

UCSD Shipping Dept is the authorized source of FedEx account creation under the UCSD contracted terms and agreements.

Note: UCSD Health departments (not Health Sciences) in need of a FedEx account will need to reach out directly to Scott Benson or the UCSD Health Supply Chain website:

Account Setup

Eligible request for a UCSD FedEx account number, will be submitted to FedEx, who will preview, process and provide the new account number to us. We will then send that over to you along with the instructions on how to pay your invoices electronically through the UCSD SHIPS application.

Account Activity

The UCSD department and employee requesting the new account number will be solely responsible for timely invoice payments and all activity tied to that FedEx account number. For any requests or changes that need to be made to your account, please contact

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