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Learn about processing non-hazardous domestic shipments and international non-technical document shipments from the comfort of your desk by using ShipIt.


Note: Shipit cannot be used to ship technical documents internationally or ship hazardous materials. If you need to ship these materials, see:

View ShipIt Frequently Asked Question in this PDF

Access to ShipIt

Access to ShipIt is granted to active employees and sponsored affiliate with the ‘Campus Shipper’ role. The ‘Campus Shipper’ role is granted through the Business Unit Management Tool by the department’s BUMT Administrator. Contact your department’s BUMT Administrator to grant you access to ShipIt.

Additionally, you will need to be connected to UCSD’s network via campus wired network (blue Ethernet chord) or through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Once you are provided with the ‘Campus Shipper’ role and connected to the UCSD network, you can log into ShipIt (VPN Required):

Note: Each department identifies a BUMT Administrator who is responsible for managing and maintaining the BUMT on behalf of their department. To request a new BUMT Administrator, complete the Delegation of Authority (PDF) form and complete the BUMT training available in the UC Learning Center. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that a new BUMT Administrator comply with all the requirements associated with the role of the BUMT Administrator. This re-delegation will be revoked upon the end of employment or appointment, change of assignment, or for misuse of this designation. Note that once a year Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions will reach out to BUMT Administrators with a list of delegated roles. Please review this list and update roles assigned in the BUMT as necessary, paying close attention to the delegated BUMT Administrator role. If you are a BUMT Administrator, learn more about the tool below.

Why did ShipIt redirect me to this page?

You were redirected to this page for one or more of following reasons:
  • You do not have an active employee or sponsor affiliate status.
  • You were not granted the Campus Shipping role.

How to Process a Shipment

How to Process a Multi-box Shipment

How to Process a Shipment via Third Party Billing

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