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UCOP Terms and Conditions

Learn more about UC Systemwide procurement forms and policies.

Below are the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase order. 

Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions

  • For all purchases, the UC Terms and Conditions apply.
  • For all purchases in which the supplier performs functions or activities for or on behalf of, or provides services to UC that involve receiving, creating, maintaining, and/or transmitting Protected Health Information of UC as a “Business Associate” of UC as defined under 45 C.F.R. § 160.103, the Appendix – BAA also applies.
    • Located under the Appendix - Data Security (DS) header, within the link Appendix - BAA
  • For all purchases of construction services, the Assignment Agreement and the Purchasing Agreement (with Construction Assignment) apply (both documents are located under UC Systemwide Forms & Documents).
  • For all purchases involving receiving, creating, maintaining, and/or transmitting Institutional Information, the Appendix – Data Security applies.
  • For non-commercial transactions involving funds on a federal contract Federally funded orders, in addition to the terms referenced in Article 11.B of UC Terms and Conditions, DFARS 252.246-7008 also applies.

Note: If any of the individual links are broken, please find latest versions of all agreements at the UC Systemwide Forms & Documents page.

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