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Tremendous Visa F.A.Q.

Your Tremendous Visa card is loaded and activated. Please see the below information:

How do I use my card?
Your card can be used to make purchases, like you would use a credit card, as long as the amount authorized for the transaction does not exceed the available balance. In the event you use your card for an online purchase, the billing address associated with your card is the address you entered at redemption; it will also be listed on your card page. Please use the following link: Your Card Page

Can I use my card for a purchase higher than my card balance?
The gift card can only be used for a transaction higher than your card balance if the merchant is able to split the transaction and run the card for the specific amount available on the card and then accept another form of payment for the remaining balance of the transaction. If you attempt to make a transaction greater than the amount on the card, it will be declined.

Where can my card be used?
Your card can be used at any merchant in the United States and District of Columbia where Visa is accepted. However, whether or not the specific merchant accepts prepaid cards as payment is at their discretion.

Can I withdraw cash from my card?
No, you cannot withdraw cash from the Tremendous Visa Rewards Card. The card cannot be used at ATMs or on apps like Venmo.

What can I view on my card page?
Your card page will display your card information, current available balance, and transaction history. You can view your card page by clicking “Already activated? View my card.” At the following website (please note, you will be asked to enter your name and address in order to view your card page): “Already activated? View my card.” at the following website: Your Card Page

Are there any restrictions on my card?
Transactions with the following merchants are prohibited:
o Money transfers
o Firearm-related businesses
o Outbound telemarketing
o Tobacco businesses
o Marijuana-related businesses
o Money services from non-financial institutions (including cryptocurrency)
o Securities brokers/dealers
o Dating services
o Massage parlors
o Government-owned lotteries
o Government-licensed online casinos, online gambling
o Government-licensed horse/dog racing
o Betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, and wagers at race tracks
In addition, the card cannot be used for recurring and installment payments (e.g. for a recurring subscription).

How do I load funds onto my card?
Your card has been issued to you with a specific value and is not reloadable.

What can I view on my card page?
Your card page will display your card information, current available balance, and transaction history.

How do I contact customer support?
Phone: 1 (442) 269-4438

Do I use "debit" or "credit" to process my transactions?
In most cases, you can use either "debit" or "credit" to process your transactions. However, there is an exception at stores that allow you to withdraw cash at checkout (e.g. grocery stores). Because the Physical Visa Card does not support cash withdrawals, debit transactions will be declined. In instances like these, you can only process a credit transaction.

Can I add my card to a virtual wallet?
Yes! The Tremendous Visa Rewards Card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay


Can my card be cancelled and replaced if misplaced or lost?

We are unable to replace cards that are misplaced or lost. You can submit another request in Concur to replace the card at the department’s expense.

Understanding your transactions:

Why was my card declined?
You can visit your card page to view your transaction history. The transaction will include the reason your card was declined. Please use the following link: Your Card Page

Why does my transaction show as "pending"?
A transaction may read as "pending" until the merchant confirms the final transaction amount (i.e. settles the transaction). The pending amount is the authorization for the transaction. In most cases, the transaction will settle in 7 business days. Once it settles, you will see the final amount that was charged to your card.