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Picking Up Radioactive Materials Orders

Learn how to properly transport and deliver radioactive materials.

Radioactive materials require special care during transport. If you order radioactive materials for your lab, read this important information.

If you want to transfer radioactive materials between principal investigators or from UCSD to other destinations, please see How to Transfer Radioactive Materials. For delivery, see Radioisotope Package Delivery Service.

If you are an authorized user on an RUA, you may pick up radioactive materials from the EH&S Services Lab. For your safety, please closely follow the information below:

  • Go directly to and from the EH&S Services Lab.
  • You may bring a clean, uncontaminated, shielded secondary container to carry the package.
  • Don't travel via campus shuttles.
  • Don't use a personal motor vehicle.
  • Don't bring food or drinks to or from the EH&S Services Lab.
  • Properly store your radioactive materials.

The EH&S Services Lab is located at:

University Center, 301-B
Corner of Myers and Gilman Drive
Adjacent to Parking Lot 408 (map)

EH&S Services Lab hours for material pick up are from 1–4:30 p.m. weekdays.