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Radioisotope Use Authorization: Apply for and Manage an RUA

Learn how to open, amend, renew, or deactivate a Radioisotope Use Application (RUA).

Apply for an RUA

Submit a Radioisotope Use Authorization (RUA) application form and attachments to Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S).

  • Print and complete an RUA application form.
  • Attach the following documents:
    • Principal investigator's (PI) curriculum vitae
    • Copies of the current grant award notices  
    • Copies of the appropriate Enrollment Form for all users
  • Mail or fax the RUA application form and attachments to EH&S Radiation Safety at:
    • Mail Code 0089
    • Fax (858) 822-7763
  • Post or file the returned RUA in the lab where the work is performed.

Note: RUA applications must be received 1 week prior to the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) meeting. Otherwise, applications will be deferred until the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Amend technical details

  • Use the online Radioisotope Use Authorization Amendment form to:
    • Add, change, or delete locations
    • Change the project summary
    • Indicate new techniques
    • Add, change, or delete radioisotopes
    • Add or delete equipment

Add or cancel authorized users

Add an authorized user

Cancel an authorized user

  • Use the online User Cancellation form.
  • Post or file the amended RUA in the lab where the work is performed.

Renew an RUA

RUAs must be renewed 1 year after initial approval. An EH&S health physicist will contact the PI when it is time for renewal.

  • At renewal time, an EH&S health physicist will interview the PI to ensure the RUA information is current and accurate.
  • The EH&S health physicist will schedule and conduct annual radiation safety refresher group training for personnel named on the RUA.
  • Post or file the renewed RUA in the lab where the work is performed.

Deactivate an RUA

Deactivate the RUA when your lab closes or research no longer involves radioactive material.

The RUA can be reactivated if research with radioactive materials resumes.

Contact EH&S Radiation Safety, (858) 822-2494.

Notice: Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual (PDF) for a detailed description of the UC San Diego radiation safety program.