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Converting Microcurie (µCi) to Millicurie (mCi)

Find information on converting microcurie (µCi) to millicurie (mCi).

You must order radioactive materials in millicurie (mCi), even though the materials are frequently measured in microcurie (µCi).

If you need to convert a microcurie value to a millicurie value, see the table below.

Microcurie (µCi) x 1/1000* Millicurie (mCi)
1 (µCi) = .001 (mCi)
10 (µCi) = .01 (mCi)
100 (µCi) = .1 (mCi)
1000 (µCi) = 1 (mCi)

*Multiply the µCi value by 1/1000 or .001

Note: A curie (Ci) is a unit of radioactivity named after the French physicist and chemist Marie Curie. The prefixes milli and micro are from the metric system and represent .001 and .000001, respectively. So, a millicurie (mCi) is .001 curie. A microcurie (µCi) is .000001 curie.

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