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How to Enter Hours in TOPS

Temporary Employees: Learn how to enter your hours in the TES Online Pay System (TOPS).

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to enter your regular, overtime, sick, vacation, and UC San Diego interview time in TOPS.

You can also review the Time Entry PowerPoint tutorial (PPT). 

1. Log in to TOPS.

Use your Single Sign-On to log in to the TOPS website.

2. Choose the correct pay period.

Click on your name next to the pay period you want to edit.

3. Edit the individual days in the pay period.

  1. Click "EDIT" next to the day you want to update (note that the timesheet spans from Sunday to Saturday).
  2. Enter your time
    1. To enter regular time:
      1. Use the drop down menus to enter your "Start Time," the length of your unpaid "Break/Lunch" and your "End Time."
      2. Click "Record Hours."
    2. To enter overtime:
      1. Follow the same instructions as for regular time.
      2. TOPS will automatically calculate your straight overtime (SOT), premium overtime (POT) and shift differential (SDF).
    3. To enter sick or vacation time:
      1. For a whole day:
        1. Remove your lunch break
          1. Subtract the length of your "Break/Lunch" from your "End Time."
          2. Set your "Break/Lunch" to 0 min.
        2. Enter the amount of sick time in "Sick" OR enter the amount of vacation time in "VAC"
      2. For a partial day:
        1. Do not remove your lunch break.
        2. Enter the amount of sick and/or vacation time you want to apply to "Sick" and "VAC."
        • Note: Your total combined sick, vacation and regular hours cannot exceed the hours in your shift. If they do, you will see an error message and will have to change the hours.
      3. You may enter a comment in the "Comments:" box to explain your situation.
      4. Press "Record Comment" to save the comment.
    4. To enter time spent on a UC San Diego interview:
      1. Follow the instructions for entering sick/ vacation time above, but enter the time spent in "Other."
      2. For "Other Type" choose "interview" (see your employee handbook for more information).
      3. In the "Comments:" box, enter:
        1. Interview date
        2. Job number
        3. Name of interviewer
      4. Click "Record Comment"

4. Submit your timesheet for approval.

  1. Make sure you have edited all of the days you want for the time period.
  2. Click on "Submit for Approval."
  3. Your supervisor will be notified that your timesheet is ready for approval.

Note: If your supervisor will not be available to approve your timesheet, inform the TES front desk by calling (858) 534-4604. The TES personnel coordinators can process your timesheet.

Contact Temporary Employment Services (TES), (858) 534-4604, for more information.