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How to Review Billing and Invoice Data in TOPS

Department Payroll Personnel: Learn how to review billing and invoice information about your temporary employees in the TES Online Pay System (TOPS).

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to obtain data from the TOPS Billing Module.


1. Log in to TOPS.

Use your Single Sign-On to log in to the TOPS website.

2. Choose a report.

Highlight the "Reports" tab in the upper left of the screen and choose one of the three reports:

  • My Invoices accesses all invoices for your temporary employees
  • Invoice By Department accesses invoices for a defined Supervisor/ Invoice ID number
  • Download Department Billing Data accesses billing information for temporary employees in your department in spreadsheet format

3. Generate the report.

  1. Choose a billing month in the "Ledger Period" field.
  2. For the Invoice By Department report, enter a Supervisor/ Invoice ID number.
  3. Click on "View Report."

Note: If you see any errors in your billing information, please contact Temporary Employment Services (TES), (858) 534-4604. A payroll and personnel coordinator will be able to assist you.

4. Download billing data (if desired).

Click on the floppy disk icon and choose a file format to download data.
Contact Temporary Employment Services (TES), (858) 534-4604, for more information.