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How to Approve Time in TOPS

Supervisors: Learn how to approve the hours submitted by your temporary employees in the TES Online Pay System (TOPS).

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to review and approve hours in TOPS.

1. Check your email.

You will get an email alert when one of your temporary employees has submitted a timesheet for your approval.

2. Log in to TOPS.

Use your Single Sign-On to log in to the TOPS website.

3. Choose the correct employee and pay period.

  1. On the first menu on the left of the screen, click "Unsigned Timesheet." You will see a table of employees.
  2. Look at the "Emp signed" column. This shows the date that an employee submitted a timesheet. If the cell is empty for an employee, then they have not yet submitted a time sheet.
  3. Click on the employee name next to the pay period you want to review.

4. Review and edit the hours in the pay period.

  1. Check that the hours shown are correct.
  2. If you feel there is a mistake, contact the employee for clarification before changing the hours yourself.
  3. If you do need to change the hours:
    1. Refer to the entering hours instructions for temporary employees, or
    2. Watch the Time Entry video tutorial (HTMLFlash). If you're using Mozilla Firefox, select the Flash version. Otherwise, select HTML.

5. Approve the timesheet.

Click on "Approve and Send to HR."

Note: If you need to change a timesheet after you have approved and submitted it, contact Temporary Employment Services (TES), (858) 534-4604, to discuss the situation with one of our timekeepers. We can still make changes to the timesheet before we process the employee's hours.

Contact Temporary Employment Services (TES), (858) 534-4604, for more information.