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Staff in Memoriam: Renee Washington

Read a tribute to Renee Washington.

Renee Washington

Renee Washington
Service Desk Supervisor
UCSD Libraries

Years of service at UCSD: 23

Service was a passion and not just a job for Renee "Naye-Naye" Washington, service desk supervisor of UCSD Libraries' Information Technology Department, who died March 8, 2006, of an aneurysm.

A graduate of UCSD in mathematics and economics, she started working in the library as a student, became a staff member as a data processing coordinator, and then assumed her most recent position.

"Renee's voice always had a big smile, a warmth that told the customer that she would help them, no matter how big or small the problem," said IT Department Head Declan Fleming. "I've learned this wasn't something Renee just did at work, this was how she lived her whole life, in service to anyone who came to her and needed help."

In fact, service was Renee's ministry. She was very active in the New Hope Friendship and Bayview Baptist churches. She served as leader in various ministries and sang with the Voices of Fulfillment, a local community choir. According to colleague Michelle Harris, "Renee embraced a life theme of 'I EDIFY' to describe her passion and approach to helping people."

Michelle added, "She was an exemplary employee, a true friend, and a respected colleague who will be missed deeply."