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Grief and Loss

Find links to information that can help you understand grief and loss, and that can suggest how to deal with associated emotions.

Any loss — a death, a divorce, a fractured relationship, even the changes experienced because of a global pandemic — can be difficult to handle.  Many people find the emotions difficult to manage, even while surrounded by relatives and friends.  It is common to feel overwhelmed and alone during and after a loss.

On the following pages, you will find information that gives you a better understanding of the common feelings people experience during a time of loss.  We also offer suggestions on what you might say to people to help them through their own loss, and other materials that will help support you, your family and your co-workers while you are making adjustments to the changes.  Grief is the process of adjusting to a loss.  It is a process and everyone does it a little differently.  There are commonalities, however, and in that shared space we can lean on one another and find some solace and even personal growth.  We invite you to look through these resources and if you need further help, let us know.  The FSAP team is here to support all the campus employees of the University of California, San Diego.

The UC San Diego Bookstore provides many books and other materials on grief and loss. To search for these items, go directly to the UC San Diego Bookstore.

Staff In Memoriam: Find tributes to UC San Diego staff members who have passed away.

Contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) for suggestions on materials to help with grief and loss.