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Ombuds Office

Find out how the UC San Diego Ombuds Office facilitates communication and assists people with concerns that arise at the university.


The UCSD Ombuds Office provides a voluntary channel for dispute resolution and mediation that is confidential, neutral, and informal. The Ombuds Office assists faculty, staff, students, non-senate academics, post-doctoral trainees, and employees of UCSD Medical Center (and related facilities) who seek guidance with the resolution of academic or administrative issues and disputes.

The Ombuds Office functions independently with respect to case-handling and issue management. It reports to the Chancellor's office for administrative and budgetary purposes, but not regarding the substance of matters discussed in the office. Its services supplement, but do not replace, other administrative processes and formal grievance procedures.

The Ombudsperson is a neutral, confidential resource. Therefore, the Ombudsperson will not:

  • Disclose to anyone that you have come to the office
  • Communicate anything you've said without obtaining your permission during the course of our discussions, except in case of imminent risk of serious harm
  • Keep permanent records of visitor names, affiliations, or complaints


To schedule an appointment, please call (858) 534-0777 before coming to the office. The office is located in Pepper Canyon Hall, Suite 402, just north of the Gilman Parking Structure.


The Ombudsperson helps individuals resolve academic or administrative issues fairly and informally. The Ombudsperson:

  • Actively listens to and discusses your questions and concerns
  • Provides you with information about policies, procedures, services, and programs
  • Facilitates communication between people
  • Advocates for a fair resolution process
  • Helps you to evaluate options and suggests approaches for addressing your concerns
  • Helps you to indentify appropriate campus resources
  • May recommend institutional review or change in policies or procedures that generate conflict

Formal complaints

If you want your complaint to be formally noted, the Ombudsperson can refer you to the appropriate office or person. Speaking with the Ombudsperson is not a step in any type of grievance process, nor does speaking with the Ombudsperson constitute "notice" to the university. The Ombudsperson will not:

  • Provide legal advice or psychological counseling
  • Make decisions for administrators or other Ombuds visitors
  • Participate in formal hearings (grievance, union, or arbitration), processes, or lawsuits
  • Advocate for either party in a dispute
For more information, visit the Ombuds website.