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Staff in Memoriam: Alan Schuchman

Read a tribute about Alan Schuchman, Coordinator of Student Programs.

Alan Schuchman

Alan Schuchman

Coordinator of Student Programs

I-House, Elenor Roosevelt College


Alan passed away on December 27, 2021.

Alan was well-traveled and well-read. He loved photography and won prizes for his art. He loved nature and relished being outdoors. Almost everything he did was done in the spirit of service to others. He was an active volunteer at several service organizations, especially those that were devoted to children with cancer. He belonged to a number of such organizations in different US cities and Ireland.

Alan was kind and compassionate and loved the 3 years that he spent as the coordinator of Student Programs at I-House/ERC. His colleagues loved and appreciated him for his modesty, gentleness and almost infinite sensitivity to others. His focus was always to get UC San Diego students engaged with the campus and one another. When COVID shut down the campus, he and his team took the programs global. Programs such as "Monday Night Cooking" introduced far-flung students to national cuisines from around the world. Alan was looking forward to the re-opening of the campus and to re-starting programs such as "Slice of San Diego", which took international students on guided tours of San Diego. Alan loved such programs and he will be sorely missed by all, and especially by his friends and colleagues in I-House and ERC.