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Staff in Memoriam: Barbara Bonner

Read a tribute to Barbara Bonner.

Barbara Donner

Barbara Bonner
Administrative Analyst
School of Medicine

Years of service: 2 (plus several years at UCSF)

In March 2008 the Dean’s Office at the School of Medicine lost a team member, Barbara Bonner, after a brief illness. While her job title was analyst, her roles on the team were many, according to Mamie Gonzales, her supervisor. Those roles included "a friend, a quirky acquaintance, a mentor, and a kind soul, to name just a few."

Barbara earned her bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis, and held a J.D. degree, and a master's in public health (M.P.H.) from San Diego State University. Still, "she remained humble, intellectually and otherwise," noted Gonzales, adding that "Barbara walked quietly in her work life, contributed regularly, and counted substantially."

Family, friends, and colleagues shared that in her 56 years Barbara touched the lives of many people. She spent much of her career focused on children's health issues and supporting new life.

Prior to UCSD, she worked with the San Diego County Department of Health Services and the Black Infant Health Program.

"The common thread throughout her employment seemed to be commitment to support intelligent pursuits that demonstrated care for others," Gonzales said.

"Barbara believed in guardian angels and heaven and asked that we should honor her by making a commitment to be better guardians of those entrusted to us and more angel-like in our interactions with each other in our homes, communities, and our workplace."

Donations can be sent to the Family Health Centers of San Diego, 823 Gateway Center Way, San Diego, CA 92101. Please note on the donation: "In honor of Barbara Bonner."