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FSAP Classes, Workshops and Groups

Find tools and programs offered by the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) on a variety of topics.

Assessment tools


  • Building Productivity Through Respect And Dignity. Email John Smith for more information.
  • Hard Times, Soft Tactics: Mind-Body Skills for Busy Professionals — A sampler of simple, research-based approaches to help prevent stress-related illness, burn out and fatigue while empowering you to higher creativity and a more meaningful connection with your core values and relationships. Email Crystal Green for more information.
  • Humor for the Health of It — Participate in laughter groups for work vitality and stress reduction. Email John Smith for more information.
  • Resiliency Toolbox — Learn how to increase your mental stamina and emotional flexibility. Develop your own standards for your capacity to bounce back from difficult and discouraging life events. Create a set of guiding principles you can live by. Email William Youngblood for more information.
  • Strategies for Stress Management — Learn practical and effective techniques for managing stress.
  • The Supervisor's Toolkit in Dealing with the Troubled Employee — Learn your role in identifying and referring a troubled or problem employee. This workshop is intended for supervisors or managers. Email William Youngblood for more information.
  • Workplace Bullying, Fear, and Building Trust. Email Izabel Francy for more information.

Contact FSAP at (858) 534-5523 for information about these classes.

Support groups and resources