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UCPath Transition: Impact on HR Transactions

Learn more about how UC San Diego's transition to UCPath impacts Human Resources transactions.

Processing delay

Due to UCPath processing time hiring timelines will be increased up to 10 business days. We are actively working on mitigation strategies to streamline processes to reduce timelines.

Please view important updates to the ONBOARDING Solution, and Tracker I-9, below.

Rapid Response Center - UCPath Transaction Questions or Assistance

Visit the UCPath Rapid Response Center team to address employee and transactor needs. You can submit a ticket to UCPath Support, open a live chat or call the RRC team to get assistance. This team is dedicated to supporting you during this transition and will:

  • Assist in resolving pay-related issues
  • Answer questions from employees
  • Provide guidance and support to transactors
  • Escalate time-sensitive issues to Quality Care Unit at the UCPath Center

For transaction support, the UCPath project team posted recorded Zoom sessions; visit this page for more details. 

Questions regarding specific payroll issues contact the Payroll office: 

Additional Staff Hiring Resources and Reference Guides

The Quick Reference Guides listed below provide one-page summaries relating to Position Creation and Staff Hiring transactions.  To view the Job Aids mentioned in the Quick Reference Guides below, please visit:


We are excited to announce that the changes to align ONBOARDING Solution with UCPath business processes are now in production: ONBOARDING Solution Workflow for New Hires

These updates include:

  • Updates to the Offer Letter Entry fields to match UCPath terminology.
  • Collection of the Social Security Number and Date of Birth during offer acceptance, so you can enter the hire transaction into UCPath as soon as possible. Given that this information is sensitive, it is masked in all documents, and you can obtain it by navigating to the UCPath Entry Sheet.
  • Removing duplicate Core Hire forms that the new hire is required to complete in the UCPath Self-Service Portal.  
  • Updating the Welcome Letter to include instructions on how to login to and complete additional required forms in the UCPath employee Self-Service Portal.  

Please note that while the new hire will complete the Patent Acknowledgement in the UCPath Self-Service Portal, the Oath of Allegiance will continue to be part of the signing ceremony. If the employee discloses to be a foreign national, the system will automatically bypass the Oath of Allegiance.


Internal Transfer Process

We are still working on updating the database for internal transfer employee IDs. If you process an Internal Transfer, please email Michelle Hashimoto. Michelle will update the Employee PPS ID to the UCPath ID in the onboarding record until this is corrected in production.

Final ONBOARDING Solution Updates in Development

We are updating the process to check with UCPath and PPS systems if the employee is a New Hire or Rehire and will provide an update when this is completed. Until then, please continue using the Search for People – Search/Match process to determine if an Employee ID exists (see the FULL_HIRE Search for People job aid in the Additional Staff Hiring Resources and Reference Guides section below).


If your department DOES NOT currently use ONBOARDING Solution:

You will need to provide login credentials and instructions to your Staff and Student new hires so they can login to the UCPath Self-Service portal and complete the additional required forms listed below.  The following Welcome Letter templates include login and form completion instructions; please customize and email these templates to new employees in your department:



Required Core Hire Forms - UCPath Self-Service Portal

You can remove the forms listed below from your Onboarding packet as the employee will now complete them in the UCPath Self-Service Portal.

When the employee logins to the UCPath Self-Service portal for the first time, they will be automatically prompted to fill out the following forms:

  • Voluntary Self-Identification of Race, Ethnicity, and Veteran Status
  • Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

The employee will also need to fill out additional required forms in the Personal Information and Income and Taxes sections in the UCPath Self-Service Portal (instructions included in the Welcome Letter templates).  These forms include:

Personal Information

  • Personal Information Summary (includes Emergency Contact information)
  • Employee Disclosures
  • Patent Acknowledgement

Income and Taxes

  • Direct Deposit
  • CA State W-4 (DE-4)
  • Federal Withholding (W-4)


Impact on Tracker I-9

Please note that UCPath is working towards fully automating this process, so these instructions will change slightly in the near future.  Eventually, Section 1 of the Form I-9 will be automatically deployed to the new employee when the SMART HR hire transaction is submitted.  Until the process is fully automated, please follow the steps in the Instruction Guide below.  We will issue new guidance when the automated process goes into effect, so please check back regularly for updates.

The following job aid describes how to use the Tracker I-9 integration option in UCPath:

For further reference, the job aids listed below provide instructions on how to use Tracker I-9:

How to Process Visa Updates:

  • Tracker
    • The following changes should be managed in Tracker:
      • NRA to PR or NRA to Citizen – must be documented in section 3 in Tracker and updated in UCPath.
    • These changes require a case to UCPath:
      • A status change that does not involve Work Authorization such as PR to Citizen, submit a case to WFA to update the status.
  • Glacier
    • These changes require a case to UCPath:
      • Employees with DACA, Refugee, Asylee status will not complete Glacier and must be manually updated in UCPath; the Location must submit an employee visa type via case inquiry.

Impact on AYSO Self-Service Portal

UCPath will replace most functions of the current At Your Service Online (AYSO) self-service portal. Learn more about the UCPath Online Portal and its functions »

Begining June 1, 2020, employees can use the UCPath Online Portal to submit enrollments or make benefit changes. 

Impact on Temporary Employment Services

With the implementation of UCPath, the timeline for hiring temporary employees through Temporary Employment Services will be extended, especially during the cutover period. 

I regularly hire temporary employees through TES - how can I prepare for UCPath implementation?

  • Don't wait until the last minute to request temporary employees through TES. Plan ahead and submit your requests as soon as you can.

How long will it take to get a temporary employee hired after UCPath is implemented?

  • Your new hire paperwork will need to be started earlier for the new approval process in UCPath. We are recommending you start the process to enter the transaction in UCPath 2-3 weeks before the new hire’s start date. This ensures the employee is in the system when they start employment.

Requesting and Accessing Reports in UCPath

If you need access to reports in UCPath and you have not yet requested access, please follow the steps below. If you have already gone through the process, please skip to step 5:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on UCPath Cognos Reports Access Request.
  3. Read and fill out the DocuSign NDA using Human Resources as your department.
    1. Select both restricted and unrestricted access for HR reports and Payroll reports.
    2. Privacy 101 classes (optional) are offered once a month via Zoom.
  4. Once your access is provisioned, you will be notified via email.
  5. To access available reports, go to
  6. HR reports are under the HR/Payroll tab; when you click on the report, prior to running it, you will see all the available fields that the report will return.
    1. Each report will require you to enter the parameters that you need returned.