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Law AB 1887 Prohibits State Funding of Travel to Certain States

Effective January 1, 2017, this law prohibits state-funded travel to a state that has passed a law after June 26, 2015 that (1) authorizes discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, or (2) voids or repeals existing state or local protections against such discrimination. The law identifies the University of California as an entity covered by the law.

The Attorney General maintains a listing of states impacted by this legislation, as well as exceptions:

Alternative funding sources other than state funds should be used for travel after January 1, 2017 where none of the statutory exceptions applies.

Alternative funding sources may include University Core Fund 13991 and Campus Core Fund 13992 (these numbers replaced SOFI funds 99100A and 99200A). Central processing on the back-end of expenditure management will be expanded to include this new constraint and ensure compliance with state law. 

Contact your department's business office or financial administrative contact(s) for further guidance. More information about SOFI.

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