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System Status: 

Concur 2.0

Concur 2.0 Launched on April 8, 2024.

Project Overview

Concur 2.0 is more than a simple bug fix; it is a strategic reconfiguration of the site to minimize data entry requirements and enhance accounting visibility. This upgrade is the culmination of extensive data analysis collected from Tritons who have traveled or entertained on behalf of UC San Diego. The release of Concur 2.0 effectively addresses many of the pain points since the initial launch of Concur. 

Since the launch of Concur in July 2020, IPPS (Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions) has been gathering valuable feedback from the campus community. Based on this feedback along with improved configuration capabilities, Concur 2.0 encompasses a significant number of improvements. 


  • Streamlining of chart string values 
  • Removal of “OP” (Office of the President) chart string values which minimizes errors and eliminates confusion 
  • Visibility of Account Codes and Taxability Status that shows which Expenditure Type is taxable 
  • New Mileage Calculator which bases the different annual mileage rates on the transaction date, as well as the integration of Google Maps to enhance efficiency 
  • Simplified University Card Request Form which will have fewer fields to complete 


Detailed List of Enhancements

Streamlining of Chart String Values

Streamlining of chart string values: 

  • Categorize expenses one time – i.e. SAP Concur Expense Types + UCSD Expenditure Types now work together! This minimizes confusion and reduces the number of times that one must classify expenses 
    • In the current system, every time a Project/Task is used, the user needs to enter an Expenditure Type.  
    • With the Concur 2.0 Enhancements, each Expense Type is linked to an Account Code meaning that you no longer need to enter an Expenditure Type.  
  • Provide only what is needed – i.e only the Project or GL will be necessary, not both. This reduces redundancies and avoids errors when making edits. Utilizing Allocations which will result in more accurate COA/POETAF postings 
    • The required CoA fields will now look like this:  
      • Financial Unit, Approver, Project, Task OR 
      • Financial Unit, Approver, Fund, Function 
    • Important Tip: one must always use the Allocate feature when entering the GL or Project values 

Less Visibility of Office of the President "OP" Values

Less Visibility of “OP” (Office of the President) values:

  • Reduced instances of “OP” (Office of the President) chart string values which decreases OP value errors and minimizes confusion  
    • Previously, the chart string value lists would include both San Diego (SD) and all of the Office of the President (OP) values which created confusion and system error alerts 

Visibility of Account Codes and Taxability Status

Visibility of Account Codes and Taxability Status:

  • Account codes and taxable status are now visible
Screenshot of the Concur Allocate details tab showing the Expenditure Type drop down menu
View before enhancement ⇑


Screenshot of the Concur Allocate details tab showing the Expenditure Type at the top
View after enhancement ⇑

New Mileage Calculator

New mileage calculator:

  • The new Mileage Calculator automatically bases the different annual mileage rates on the transaction date, as well as the integration of Google Maps to enhance efficiency. 
  • Watch the video (coming soon!)
  • Important Tips
    • When utilizing the integrated Google map, avoid including street numbers as home addresses are considered P.I.I. (Personal Identifiable Information).
    • Using a cross-street is generally safe. 
      Include the Zip code to ensure more accurate calculations.

Simplified and New University [Credit] Card Request Forms

Simplified University Card Request Forms:

The new forms will have fewer fields to complete 

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the list above, clients can expect to see these updates when Concur 2.0 launches.

  • When an expense report is pending the final level of approval, it will show in Concur as “Pending IPPS Review
    • This approval level was formerly known as “Pending Central Office Review”
  • Department-specific Trip Purpose and Trip Types (e.g. Athletics) will no longer clutter the pick list for the general campus 
  • Allocated Hyperlink: below each line item on an expense report is now a blue hyperlink to view all allocations across all lines, making it more convenient to see allocations without having to navigate to other screens 
  • The Request Type of Card & Payment Products Request has been broken out into two different Request Types:  
    • University Credit Card Request: this Request Type will be used to Request new UCSD Card products or card action/update requests 
    • Gift Cards & Human Subject Payments: This request type will be used to request Gift Cards and Human Subject Payments (Gift Cards and Direct Payments to PI) 
  • Non-Event Expenses will have their own, separate Report Type: Other Reimbursements (Non-Event) 
    • In the current system, Non-Event reimbursements are processed under the Report Type of Event Expenses & Other Reimbursements 
  • When a prepayment is sent via Concur directly to a vendor, the department Chart of Account on the expense report will be charged at the time the prepayment is approved and paid.
    • In the current system, when a vendor prepayment is made before your trip starts, the Travel Clearing Account is charged, even if your expense report is allocated. When reconciling all of your travel expenses after the trip ends, adding a line item for the prepayment using the Payment Type of "University Prepaid" triggers the charge to your department's Chart of Account. 
    • With Concur 2.0, you'll no longer have to add the "University Prepaid" line to a second expense report. 
      • You won't be able to use a sponsored project for prepayments ahead of your trip.
        • NOTE: Use a non-sponsored Project to prepay an expense. 
    • Here are additional ways to prepay common expenses: 
      • Conference Registration Fees: 
        • If no travel-related expenses will be incurred (airfare, mileage, lodging, etc.), use a department Procurement Card or your own Travel & Entertainment Card to make a payment
        • If travel-related expenses will be incurred, use your own T&E card to make a payment.  Alternatively, see if the T&E TVC (Temporary Virtual Card) is the right fit for your traveler.
      • Hotel Advanced Deposits:
        • Use your T&E Card


List of resources and guidance to help campus clients prepare for Concur 2.0.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed.

Details about Concur 2.0 enhancements will be posted on this page. Announcements leading up to the launch date will go through communication channels such as the Budget & Finance Weekly Digest, Blink Home Page, and the “Login Warning” pop-up window upon logging into Concur. 

Attend a Concur 2.0 Webinar

Attend a Concur 2.0 Webinar.
Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) is hosting three webinars to help campus clients familiarize themselves with the upcoming Concur 2.0 release. These webinars, scheduled before and after the launch, will provide in-depth presentations on the key enhancements and include live demos and Q&A sessions. 

Concur 2.0 Webinar Schedule - Space is limited to 300 attendees per session. Register today!

Tuesday, April 2nd: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. - Concluded - YouTube recording
Thursday, April 11th: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. - Concluded - YouTube recording
Thursday, April 18th: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. - Register

NOTE: Please make sure to use your UCSD.EDU email to register for the Webinar. 

Attend Office Hours

Attend dedicated Office Hours as well as regular Office Hours: 

  • If you have questions regarding Concur 2.0 enhancements, attend one of the dedicated Office Hours below to learn more. See the Procure-to-Pay/Travel & Expense section for the Zoom link. 
    • April 8, 2024 1:00 p.m. 
    • April 10, 2024 9:00 a.m. 
    • April 12, 2024 9:00 a.m.
  • Recurring Office Hours for Travel & Expense 
    • Held weekly except for Campus Holidays 
      • Mondays at 1:00 p.m. 
      • Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. 
      • Fridays at 9:00 a.m. 
    • See the Procure-to-Pay/Travel & Expense section for the Zoom link. 

Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs)

Reference Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs):

  • We have been working on updating our current suite of KBAs to include the enhancements. They will be updated by the time Concur 2.0 is launched. 
  • To locate the KBAs, log into Services & Support (, Budget & Finance, Find Answers.  
    • Look for categories such as Banking, Cash & Card Products, Entertainment, Meetings & Expense, Travel 
    • Or, search using keywords such as “Concur”, “P-card”, “Gift Cards”, “Human Subjects”, “Travel”, “Delegates”, “Error”, “Personal”, etc.


Get answers to common questions about the Concur 2.0 release.

Q. Will there be any system downtime?

A. Yes. There will be approximately 1 to 2 hours of downtime for the GL/POETAF validation update. This will take place during the weekend and should not affect regular Monday-Friday business hours (8:00a.m.-4:30p.m.).

Q. Will the Concur 2.0 updates affect reports in the Business Analytics Hub (

A. Reporting will still be available and working but the new Concur 2.0 policies/changes will not reflect in the reports from the Business Analystics Hub until one week after we go live. For more information on how to pull a report, check out the Concur Blink page that provides a breakdown on the different reports available. 

Q. What happens to the existing (“work-in-progress") Requests and Expense Reports at Launch?


  • Existing “Legacy” Requests and Expense Reports will still be available to submit even when the Concur 2.0 enhancements become available.  
    • The term “Legacy” is used to describe the expense reports that still show all the original fields that were required before the Concur 2.0 Enhancements.  

Q. I use a certain set of chart string allocations frequently. Is there a way to save these so that I don’t have to enter these values repeatedly for every expense report?


  • You can “favorite” the allocations you use most often. See this KBA and scroll down to the “Create a Favorite Allocation” section towards the bottom: How to Allocate Expenses in Concur
  • Important Tip: descriptions to chart strings change from time to time or your allocations may change, follow the same KBA to remove allocations from your Favorites. 

Q. Will the current enhancements affect any approval workflow roles?


  • These enhancements will not affect any roles that are in place. 

Q. What are some important tips to remember?


  • One must allocate, even if a Project/Task is not being utilized. Concur takes the GL/POETAF values from the Allocations for posting purposes in Oracle. 
    • Exception: allocations are not required for University Credit Card Requests (i.e. P-cards, T&E cards and Human Subject P-cards)
    • All Expense Reports, including P-card Expense Reports will require allocations, whether a Project/Task is utilized or not
  • The denoting of ‘Legacy’ in the name of a Request implies that the transaction was initiated using an old Request template in Concur. These Legacy Requests can still be attached to a new Expense Report, but the Legacy Request cannot be copied.