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Google Calendar Template

Learn about the CMS calendar template.

The calendar template lets you display up to five Google calendars.

The template is currently available for Version 5 CMS sites, Blink and TritonLink.


Calendar template

You will need a Google Calendar and know the Calendar ID before using this template.

To find your Calendar ID:

  1. Log in to Google Calendar
  2. On the left, find "My calendars"
  3. Find the calendar you want to use
  4. Hover over the calendar name and click the down arrow to open the menu
  5. Click "Calendar settings"
  6. Your Calendar ID is in the "Calendar Address" section

To add a new calendar page

  1. Click on “Add Content” menu from the horizontal navigation bar.
  2. In the filter box, type "Calendar"
  3. Click on "Page - Google Calendar" or "Calendar"
    Note: If you do not see "Page - Google Calendar" or "Calendar" as an option, email This template has not yet been added to all sites.

    Add Content Calendar Screenshot
  4. Fill out the page metadata (System Name, Display Name, Title, Summary and Author).
  5. Add the calendar information in the "Calendar >> Google Calendar" section. Add additional Google calendar sections by clicking the plus icon (+) next to "Google calendar."
    Note: Above the Google Calendar section, you can select the default Calendar View from the drop-down menu.

    Edit Calendar screenshot
    1. Calendar Name / Label: This label will appear in the left column, color coded to the calendar
    2. Calendar ID: Enter the Google calendar ID
    3. Color: Choose from blue, green, purple, gray or orange.Note that any color choices made in your Google calendar will not transfer to the CMS calendar template. All entries of a given Google calendar will be the same color. If you want to show different entry types in different colors, you need to use separate Google calendars.