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CMS Version 5 (V5) Upgrade

Learn how you can upgrade your CMS site to the latest version (V5).

New look

The latest version of the CMS templates, V5, feature a new look and feel and based on the image-rich design. V5 offers a modern design sensibility through the use of new fonts, colors, and layouts. The new homepage and two column templates use a modular approach that give you the flexibility to create efficient visual scanning with minimal supporting text. 

New templates

New templates are available including a new homepage and a new article (two column) page. Once your site is upgraded, the WTS team will help you repurpose your existing homepage content into the new template. Keep in mind, the content will most likely not move over as is. The new template has much more room for images and less room for text. Any of your pages currently using the two column template will migrate as is to the article template but you will also have access to the new modules.

See examples on our sample "Department" site:


Six different modules can be added to either of these templates, in any number and in any order. Follow the links to see examples:

  • Call to action: Headline, single text area, and a button (with link) presented beside an image
  • Call to action inset:  Headline, text area, and button presented in a box floating above the image
  • Callout content: Headline with two or three text areas (with links) presented in separate boxes floating above an image
  • Image rotator: Series of image slides with optional headline, caption and link
  • News with images: Headline and link to a news page above three news entries. Each news entry consists of an image above a date, title and link
  • Text block: Headline with two or three text areas (with links) presented in separate boxes floating above an image.

Prepare for your upgrade

Upgrading to version 5 will require time and planning. You should take this opportunity to review your site content. Look for pages that can be streamlined or removed. Review our recent updates to the UC San Diego Web Editorial Style Guide and our tips for writing for the Web.

You will need to prepare images of the correct size for the new V5 elements. Expect this to be a process as you experiment with how the images display at different screen sizes and interact with text overlays. Make sure you have enough contrast between your images and any text that will float over it. Required image sizes are different from previous template versions:

  • Hero: 1440 x 530 pixels, white text
  • Call to Action: 550 x 370 pixels
  • Call to action inset: 1200 x 388 pixels
  • Callout content: 1200 x 410 pixels, white text
  • News with images: 388 x 246 pixels

Request an upgrade

Complete the Upgrade Request Form to have your site added to the upgrade list. After we review your form, we'll reach out to schedule a discussion of the project.

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