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Sending an E-mail Page to a UCSD Pager

Find out how to use e-mail to send a message to a UCSD pager.

Note: To send an American Messaging Internet page, use MyAirMail Message Manager.

How to send an Internet page

  • Prepare to send an e-mail from your computer.
  • Address the message to: 10-digit pager number
  • Type your message in the Body field of the e-mail.
  • Send the e-mail.

Note: Email delivery is not recommended for critical, time sensitive messaging. Due to nature of the internet and the speed in which emails are delivered, pages can be delayed when using this method.

Quick tips

  • Do not put a "1" or spaces and dashes between the area code and number.
  • Do not send texts longer than the pager's maximum character count (usually 80 for alpha).
  • To send a long message, send the e-mail to both the online address and cc: a copy to the pager address.
  • Be sure to sign your pages. Information in the Author and Subject fields of the e-mail will not be sent.
  • Use Internet paging for non-priority messages as e-mail.
  • Release times can vary. Page directly from your phone for priority messages.

For more information, contact Medical Center IT (MCIT).

Please send your request to UC San Diego Health Service Desk  or call x3-HELP or 619-543-4357