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What New Data Warehouse Users Need to Know

Here's what you need to do to access the central campus data stored in the Data Warehouse.

Using the Data Warehouse

If you use a Link family tool such as TritonLink or FinancialLink, you are accessing the Data Warehouse. If these tools don’t give you what you need, you can use QueryLink, SQL Executer, or a SQL based tool to get the data yourself.

Getting access

All information requires an ID and password for access. More secure information requires security approval from your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).

You can check on what access you currently have in AccessLink. If you have access to central office data, IFIS, ISIS, or PPS, you can be granted access to the same data in the Data Warehouse. This will also give you access to the Link family of products. Check with your DSA for more details.

Retrieving the data

Determine how you’ll access the data. You can use Web-based tools such as QueryLink and SQL Executer, or Microsoft Access, Excel, or WISQL.


FinancialLink, Blink Student/ Class or TritonLink applications, EmployeeLink, and in some cases QueryLink, supply data in printable report formats. When you use SQL Executer, and most times with QueryLink, you’ll need to format retrieved data with a reporting tool such as Excel, Paradox, or Access.


Data Warehouse training centers on SQL basics and subject-oriented classes. QueryLink training classes are also available. You should have a basic understanding of your subject matter before attending a class.