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SQL Query Returned Unexpected Results

Use this guide to troubleshoot queries that don't return the information you want.

Note: If you don't know the SQL programming language, you can use QueryLink by clicking the Queries button in FinancialLink, EmployeeLink, Student/ Class Info tools, and DataLink.

Review the values in your where clause.

The wrong values give the wrong results.

Did you use the correct case when entering the information?

The results depend on which case you use.

If you're joining tables, be sure that:

  • Your where clause explains the relationship between the tables
  • You're joining to the correct table
  • You used the proper column name

If the SQL is not coded correctly, many more rows could be returned than expected (called a Cartesian product).

Did you include the distinct option within your query?

If you didn't use the distinct option, your query result may return repeating rows.

For more information, contact the Data Warehouse team.