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SQL Query Response Time is Slow

Follow this guide to troubleshoot queries that are running too slowly.

Note: If you don't know the SQL programming language, you can use QueryLink by clicking the Queries button in FinancialLink, EmployeeLink, Student/ Class Info tools, and DataLink.

Could you use an index from DataLink?

If there's an appropriate index on the table, use it in your SQL to speed access time.

Is the system load unusually high?

Ask the ITS Service Desk if a problem with the system could be affecting your response time.

Look at the tables you're using in the SQL join.

One of the tables could be a view that’s referencing multiple tables, including a table already being used in the join. If the table is a view, try using a simpler combination.

Read the where clause.

If the SQL is not coded correctly, many more rows could be returned than expected (called a Cartesian product).

For more information, contact the Data Warehouse team.