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RCI Staff Listing

See a staff directory for the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI).

Name: Role: Phone: E-mail:
Angela Fornataro McMahill Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Compliance and Integrity 858-534-7321
Monique Teixeira RCI Research Compliance Supervisor 858-246-5810
Diana Kim RCI Research Compliance Analyst 858-246-5210
Rebecca Beutler RCI Research Compliance Analyst 858-822-1767
Dena Demos RCI Administrative Assistant 858-822-4939
TBD RCI Data Assistant 858-822-4939
Jennifer J. Ford Director, Conflict of Interest Office (COI), Research Compliance 858-534-3335
Jennifer Patterson COI Research Compliance Analyst 858-534-3695
Xuemei Wang COI Research Compliance Analyst 858-534-9974
Madeleine "Mady" Paley COI Research Compliance Analyst 858-822-1636
Christina Continelli COI and Export Control Administrative Assistant 858-246-5475
Michael J. Miller Director, Export Control 858-534-4175
Ryan Jordan Facility Security Officer/Sr. Export Analyst 858-534-1947
Ivan Hernandez Export Analyst 858-822-1068
Ashley Rubio Export Analyst/Assistant Facility Security Officer 858-822-4136
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Main Office 858-534-6069
For more information, contact our main desk at (858) 822-4939.